Holding Doctors Accountable When Their Failure To Deliver An Accurate Diagnosis Leads To Patient Suffering

Missouri Failure To Diagnose Lawyers

Have you or a loved one suffered from a medical condition that you believe could have been prevented or treated had a doctor taken the appropriate steps to diagnose it?

The Hullverson Law Firm can help you pursue compensation. Our medical malpractice attorneys have represented many clients in Missouri and Illinois. We aggressively negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of clients in order to get fair compensation. We always prepare these cases for court, because we know that may be a necessary step.

What Went Wrong?

Cancer, heart attack and other heart conditions, stroke, brain damage and other serious medical conditions can be treated if caught early enough. Medical professionals have been trained to diagnose these conditions. When they fail to diagnose because they did not do something they should have, they should be held responsible.

Victims rarely know what exactly went wrong. The common thread is that they went to the doctor because of medical concerns. The doctor provided a diagnosis and that diagnosis later proved to be tragically inaccurate. Our job is to find out what went wrong.

Emergency Room Errors

Misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose are particularly common in the ER. The fast pace necessary in this environment often leads to inadequate testing or failure to consult with a specialist. The fast pace of an ER is not an excuse, and we will hold emergency rooms accountable when people are sent home and then suffer the impact of an improperly diagnosed heart attack, stroke or other serious condition.

Personal Injury Cases Handled On A Contingency Basis

Our legal fees are based on contingency. If there is no recovery in your misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose case, you will owe us nothing for fees or expenses.

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