Resolving Truck Accident Claims Involving Regulatory Violations By Drivers Or Their Employers

St. Louis Trucking Accident Attorneys

Success in a trucking accident case depends on a lawyer's ability to prove what caused the accident and that it was an act of negligence.

At the Hullverson Law Firm, we have obtained compensation for many semi-truck accident victims in Missouri and Illinois. Lawyers at our law firm are keenly aware of the steps to take in order to determine exactly what type of negligence caused a collision. Two common types of negligence we have seen are speeding and texting while driving.

The Information We Need May Be On The Police Report

One of the first items we look at in any semi-truck accident case is the police report. If the police arrived at the accident scene and found indications that a cellphone was being used at the time of the accident, or that the driver was driving too fast, that information will be on the report and we will use it to build a strong case.

Further Investigation Of Truck Accident Claims

Building a successful case solely on the information in the police report is unlikely. Our lawyers will take immediate action to ensure that all witnesses are interviewed and all necessary evidence is gathered, including cellphone records.

Witnesses may have seen the truck driver speeding prior to an accident. They may have seen the driver texting. Of course, phone companies can provide records that indicate the times at which text messages were sent. Since our attorneys have handled these cases many times before, we know how to gather all of the details necessary to prove what caused the accident.

Personal Injury Cases Handled On A Contingency Basis

Our legal fees are based on contingency. If there is no recovery in your accident caused by a careless truck driver, you will owe us nothing for fees or expenses.

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