What Workers' Compensation Benefits Am I Entitled To In Missouri?

At the Hullverson Law Firm, our attorneys are prepared to take the necessary steps so workers injured on the job in Missouri receive the benefits to which they are entitled by law.

Injured On The Job In Illinois?
Workers' compensation laws differ between Missouri and Illinois. The following is a general overview of the benefits for Missouri workers. If you were injured on the job in Illinois, please talk to us about the specifics of your case.

Work-Related Injuries

If you have suffered an injury or have a work-related disability, workers' compensation may provide some relief. In most cases, any injury that occurs because of your workplace activities will be covered. If you have suffered an injury in an accident on the job or have become ill or disabled because of your work, immediately report the incident to your supervisor, including details such as:

  • How did the accident and injury occur?
  • When did the injury occur?
  • Where did the accident occur?
  • Who else was involved in the accident?

Multiple Workers' Compensation Benefits Are Available

Whether you work for an employer in Missouri or Illinois, you should expect to receive the benefits you are entitled to under the law. Your employer's first action should be to arrange immediate medical treatment under terms of the workers' compensation insurance coverage.

Medical care: All emergency treatment and ongoing medical care should be directly related to the injury or disability. Your employer has the right to choose the medical provider and is not required to pay for any unauthorized or unapproved treatment you may obtain on your own.

There are three broad levels of benefits for lost wages resulting from your injury or disability.

  • Temporary total disability payments: The amount you will be paid while unable to work because of your disability will be calculated at 2/3 of your average weekly wages.
  • Permanent disability: If you can return to work but continue to have a permanent restriction, symptom or limitation that affects your earnings, you are eligible to receive wage compensation. In Missouri, you are eligible to receive a lump-sum, partial-disability settlement. If your disability will not allow you to return to work, you are eligible to receive a total disability payment.
  • Survivor benefits: If a worker dies as a result of a workplace accident or work-related injury or illness, surviving family members are eligible to receive workers' compensation death benefits.

Third-Party Lawsuits To Add To The Benefits For Injured Workers

In some cases, injured workers may be entitled to more than just workers' compensation. A third-party personal injury claim may be filed if the accident was caused by a party that was not the victim's employer or co-worker. For example, if the case involves an on-the-job car accident, the car that caused the accident may have been driven by someone with no affiliation to the victim's employer. We can seek work comp and file a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Cases Handled On A Contingency Basis

Our legal fees are based on contingency. If there is no recovery in your work injury case, you will owe us nothing for fees or expenses.

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