Missouri Middle-Of-The-Road In New Study Mapping Car Accident Fatalities

Missouri middle-of-the-road in new study mapping car accident fatalities


The risk of being involved in a deadly traffic accident depends on which state you are in.

A car accident can happen to anyone, at any time. By definition, motor vehicle accidents are unexpected events.

But even so, patterns may become apparent over time. Almost everyone has heard of a particularly dangerous intersection, for example, where it seems that crashes are more likely to occur.

According to a new study, it is not just certain intersections that can be especially dangerous for motorists; it can be certain states. In a review of the latest available statistics, researchers at the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan compared annual fatal accident rates in different localities throughout the U.S.

South and Northern Plains states have highest rates of fatal car crashes

When it comes to comparing the rates of fatal auto accidents, there are two generally agreed upon measurements: the number of deaths per vehicle mile traveled, and the number of deaths as a proportion of the population.

Overall, researchers found a national average of 11.3 roadway deaths per billion vehicle miles traveled, and 10.69 highway fatalities per 100,000 in population. But, the numbers varied widely by region.

The state with the deadliest roads by vehicle miles traveled was West Virginia, with 17.63 deaths for every billion vehicle miles traveled; when measured as a proportion of population, North Dakota fared the worst, with 24.3 deaths on the road per 100,000 in population. Washington, D.C. had the fewest fatalities by both measures – 4.2 for every billion vehicle miles traveled and 2.37 per 100,000 in population. Massachusetts ranked second for fewest fatal car accidents. Overall, the lead researcher concluded that the South and the Northern Plains states had the worst fatality rates.

Located in between the two most dangerous regions, Missouri fared passably, but certainly had room for improvement. The Show-Me State was designated as having a “medium” risk of roadway fatalities when measured in terms of distance driven, but when deaths were measured as a proportion of population, Missouri was one of 17 states with a “high” risk.

Contact a Missouri car accident lawyer if you lost a loved one

A fatal accident is a devastating event. Having a loved one ripped away from you in an instant is both an emotional blow and a major financial hardship.

While nothing can bring back your loved one, a legal action can help you address some of the financial difficulties that you may be facing so that you can focus on healing. Wrongful deaths suits also help ensure that parties responsible for causing a death are held accountable, which incentivizes future safety improvements.

Whatever the rate of fatal accidents where you live, you can be among the unlucky few to lose someone close to you. If you have lost a loved one, get in touch with a Missouri car accident attorney today.

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