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Your concussion can be life-changing, so get the support you need

You were enjoying a drive to get out of the house when you were suddenly hit by a driver who moved into your lane unexpectedly. Your vehicle was pushed off the road, and you ended up rolling over.

The crash could have been worse, but you were still left with serious injuries. Among them was an acute concussion, which has left you hospitalized and under close monitoring.

Medical malpractice is often due to communication failure

Research has estimated that almost one-third of all medical malpractice complaints in the United States involve communication failures. This is particularly concerning because it means that unnecessary pain and suffering is caused by a failure to adequately manage hospitals and to communicate effectively.

If you have recently had a negative experience when being treated at a hospital, you may believe that the negligence of the hospital staff led you to go through unnecessary pain and suffering. You may also believe that you suffered financially due to this poor treatment. If this is the case, you may be able to take legal action to claim back the damages that you are owed. But first, you should gain a full understanding of how communication failures can lead to medical malpractice.

Your workers’ compensation claim was denied. What's next?

Suffering an injury on the job is a difficult experience that many of us face at one point or another in our professional lives. Unfortunately, some injured workers receive the care they need from a supportive, understanding employer, while others must fight for fair treatment.

In most cases, workers' compensation covers the costs of treatment and a portion of missed income after an on-the-job injury. However, the insurance companies that provide workers' compensation coverage often find ways to deny claims, even if a worker truly suffered an injury and needs proper care and assistance during recovery.

Birth injuries: Not always natural complications

When a baby is born, there are dozens of things that could go wrong. They could be injured in any number of ways, and many of those injuries could be considered normal complications.

There are some other forms of injuries, though, like hypoxia or brachial plexus injuries, that could be a result of negligence or errors during the birthing process. When they happen, it's fair to ask if they were part of the natural process of birth or if they could have been prevented.

Understanding your right to claim workers' compensation

If you have recently become injured while at work, it may be the case that you need to seek medical attention or stay at home to recover. This will undoubtedly lead to financial damages because you will need to pay medical bills and you'll likely lose wages.

This is why it is important that you look into your right to claim workers' compensation and that you take action in the specified time frame. The following post will provide an overview of workers' compensation benefits and in what circumstances they apply.

What are the usual causes of birth injuries?

Giving birth should be a wonderful and transformative experience for the mother and child. The vast majority of births are free of complications and are relatively simple procedures. However, sometimes, complications can arise that threaten the well-being of the mother or the child. If these complications are not recognized by doctors or not dealt with adequately, it could lead to complications for the child.

If your child suffered birth injuries during labor, it may have affected them temporarily, or it may have led to permanent physical or mental disabilities that could affect them for the rest of their lives. If these birth injuries could have been prevented, you will likely want to get justice by taking legal action. The following are some of the most common causes of birth injuries that you should be aware of.

Could your doctor have misdiagnosed your condition?

If you start to develop worrisome symptoms, you likely head to the doctor's office. If they are particularly serious, you might even take a trip to the Emergency Room (ER).

But, what if your doctor tells you that they can't find anything wrong with you? Do you have to just learn to live with it? Or, perhaps even worse, what if your condition is misdiagnosed entirely?

Range of severity for traumatic brain injuries

A person who is involved in a motor vehicle accident can end up with a host of injuries. One of these is a traumatic brain injury, which is a condition that requires urgent medical care. The severity of the TBI, the location and the type of damage that's done can all impact how your life will change after the crash.

Working closely with your doctor can help you to determine what treatments, limitations and abilities you have after the injury. As you go through the diagnostic process and treatment, be sure to keep records of what's going on. These, along with your medical records, might be helpful if you opt to seek compensation.

Build the right support system after you're in a crash

You were heading back to your home after a long vacation away when the worst thing happened: A vehicle in front of you suddenly moved into another lane, and you were faced with another car stopped completely in front of you. Fortunately, you had time to stop, but the driver behind you was tailgating so closely that they never had a chance. Now, you and the driver in front of you have been involved in a crash with that third vehicle as a result.

You suffered the worst out of everyone, because your vehicle was sandwiched in the middle. You have crushing injuries. You have broken bones and bruising. Now, you just want to get through this and heal to the best of your ability.

What happens when someone without insurance causes a wreck?

As a responsible adult, you are well aware of the fact that the state of Missouri requires motor vehicle liability insurance for all vehicles and drivers. You carry a policy, and you likely assume that most everyone else does too. However, a shockingly high number of people on the roads in Missouri may not have an active automobile liability policy.

Although Missouri is not as bad as some states, where nearly a quarter of drivers don't have insurance, there is still substantial statistical risk related to the roughly 14% of MIssouri drivers who do not carry insurance on their vehicle.

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