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Car crashes involving teens spike during “100 deadliest days”

Teen drivers, through no fault of their own, are inexperienced, but they can and should take accountability when they engage in dangerous driving behaviors that endanger you and everyone on the roadway. Each year, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day mark summer’s “100 deadliest days,” a period of time where teen drivers take to the roads in record numbers and deadly teen-involved crash numbers spike as a result.

Nationally, per the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the number of fatal, teen-involved car crashes rises 15 percent during summer’s deadliest days, with inexperienced drivers spending less time in the classroom and more time out on the roads. Teenagers are far more likely than older drivers to engage in a range of dangerous driving behaviors, and their actions claimed more than 1,600 lives during “deadliest days” periods within the past five years.

Complications associated with cesarean sections

Before you give birth, you may read every book and article you can find about the process, but all that knowledge can go out the window if you end up needing a cesarean section. Per the American Pregnancy Association, today's doctors deliver more than a quarter of all babies through this method, so familiarizing yourself with the process and risks associated with C-sections is a wise idea.

Anytime you go under the knife, you face certain dangers, but when you have a C-section, your baby, too, could face risks. 

How to drive safely around large trucks

Traffic collisions involving large trucks account for a significant portion of the number of fatalities that occur on America roadways each year. In 2016 alone, 3,968 people died from large truck crashes, and a vast majority of those fatalities were people in the much smaller car.

Large trucks often weigh 20 or 30 times the amount of a standard sedan. There is also a greater likelihood the truck driver's vision will become impaired due to another car falling within the blind spot. When you drive past a large truck, especially if it is late at night, you need to be extra vigilant to avoid an accident. While you can't be sure truck drivers will always act safely behind the wheel, you can take your own steps to try to protect your safety when trucks are around.

Key aspects of injury claims for minors

Parents strive to protect their children at all times; unfortunately, this is not always possible. Thankfully, parents may be able to seek restitution from those parties that cause injuries to their children

To have a successful claim, it is important to understand its different elements. In particular, there are a few key aspects to be aware of in regards to injury claims for minors.

What constitutes distracted driving in Missouri?

When you get into a car accident in Missouri, one of the steps in pursuing a lawsuit is determining who was at fault. Missouri is a comparative negligence state, meaning that how much compensation you can recover for personal injury depends on how much at fault you were for the accident.

It will be in your favor to prove as much fault on the other driver's account as possible. One way to do this is by showing the driver was distracted. You may not think this is applicable in your case because the driver was not talking or texting with a handheld cellphone. However, cellphone usage is only one of many distractions a driver may engage in. These are other common ones you may see.

The importance of seeking a second medical opinion

After getting access to health care, the next step for most people is finding a quality provider. Establishing a relationship of trust and respect between patients and providers is important in receiving medical care. With people taking the time to find the right fit, it is no wonder that among the top five occupations the public ranked as most honest and ethical, three were in the field of health care, shares Gallup. The number one spot went to nurses for the 16th year in a row.

Despite these high numbers of satisfaction, the dark secret of the health care industry is that medical errors are the third leading cause of death, reports NPR. Common fatal mistakes include misdiagnosis, surgical errors and wrong drug or dosage. The high risk of these actions reveals the importance of getting a second opinion.

Everyday items that can cause personal injury

When you think of accidents and injuries, something severe such as a car crash or surgical error probably comes to mind. While these are certainly common causes of harm, they are not the only ones. In fact, hazards may be lurking inside the very walls of your home.

Knowing what these items are may help you avoid danger and recognize when you might have a personal injury claim due to a party's negligence.

4 types of driver impairment that lead to large-truck accidents

Accidents involving semitrucks happen for many reasons. Commercial vehicles are large, making them harder to maneuver and more susceptible to road hazards. Trucks may not undergo sufficient maintenance or may have faulty parts.

However, accidents are usually the fault of the truck driver. It may be due to inexperience and lack of proper training, but often the cause lies with one of these four types of driver impairment.

Common causes of brain injuries at work

Workplace accidents may result in traumatic brain injuries. TBIs have significant physical, financial and psychological impacts on injured workers in St. Louis. The long-term expenses of medical attention, rehabilitation and lost wages greatly affect employees. Brain injuries may also have long-lasting effects on the quality of life of patients. 

Some people may recover and return to work after sustaining brain damage, but others are not able to. But how exactly do TBIs occur in the workplace?

Creating a strong brain injury claim

Vehicle accidents occur every day, and brain injury is a common type of injury that individuals face after such instances. Unlike an outward laceration, some brain injuries have lasting affects throughout the victims' lives.

For those experiencing this injury due to the negligence of another driver, it may be possible to gain compensation through a personal injury claim. There are a few key elements to the case that will help to make it strong.

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