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Lawsuit brought in connection to left-behind surgical sponge

Sadly, there are many different types of surgical errors that patients here in Missouri and in the rest of the country are sometimes exposed to. One such error is the accidental leaving behind of surgical equipment inside of a patient. This type of surgical negligence can be incredibly impactful on patients. Having a foreign object unintentionally left inside of one's body can lead to a person suffering many harms, including infection, illness and having to undergo additional surgeries.

Fatal car accident occurs in St. Louis

Wrong-way driving is a very harmful and dangerous type of conduct. Such conduct can sometimes result in auto accidents occurring. Car accidents can sometimes have deadly results. Thus, one hopes that all motor vehicle drivers take all reasonable steps to avoid wrong-way driving when out on the roads. This includes being attentive and not engaging in negligent/reckless behavior (such as intoxicated driving, drowsy driving or distracted driving) when behind the wheel.

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