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Weather conditions may have contributed to chain-reaction crash

There are many factors that could potentially play a role in a motor vehicle accident occurring in St. Louis. In most cases it is a combination of things that is to blame. These factors include the speed the vehicles are travelling at, distracted behaviors drivers may be engaging in and the condition of the road on which the vehicles are travelling. The latter factor appears to have played at least a role in a chain reaction crash that happened on Interstate 70, earlier this week.

Annual conference focuses on healing from burns

When someone is injured in an accident, how quickly and the extent to which they will heal varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the incident. While no injury is desirable, burns are some of the most difficult to recover from. In addition to taking a long time to heal, the injuries are painful, both physically as well as emotionally. Because of the scars that remain it can be difficult for injured individuals to move forward even after the wounds have healed.

Woman files personal injury lawsuit after car accident

Car accidents occur throughout the St. Louis area every day. The extent of the damage inflicted in each crash as well as the way they unfold varies widely depending on the circumstances surrounding each incident. Regardless of whether the incident is a head-on collision or another vehicle is rear-ended, serious injuries could be the end result.

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