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Claimants agree to settlement in gas can explosions

Burns are some of the most horrendous injuries a person can experience. Burn victims often require ongoing treatment for years to come, not to mention the excruciating pain they experience. Injuries can include first-, second-, or third-degree burns, disfigurement, amputations, scarring and even death.

Medical malpractice could take many forms

Individuals throughout the city of Saint Louis rely upon medical professionals to help them when they are injured or ill. In many cases doctors, nurses and others involved in providing medical care do this without the patient suffering any ill effects. Sadly, on other occasions the care is below the standard of what is expected and results in an injury to the patient. In the worst cases, the injuries are so serious that they lead to the patient's death.

Former Missouri players sue NCAA over head injuries

In terms of personal injury law, negligence can be a tricky thing to prove. An injured party has to show that another party's action (or lack of action) led to the injury, and that the accused party breached a duty of care owed to the plaintiff.

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