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Surgery may have led to exposure to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Each day people throughout the nation experience severe illnesses or injuries that prompt them to seek medical assistance. It’s fair to say that most individuals who reside in St. Louis, Missouri, go to hospitals for this medical attention at hospitals because they assume that they will be well taken care of and will leave in a better condition than when they arrived. While hospitals generally live up to those expectations, there are times when patients are worse-off after such a visit. Eighteen people who live in another state would probably say that they fall into that category.

Could temperature sensitive lids reduce beverage scaldings?

Many residents of St. Louis, Missouri, likely remember the personal injury lawsuit filed against McDonalds over two decades ago, by a woman who was seriously burned when the coffee bought via the restaurant’s drive thru spilled on her. The woman prevailed and the restaurant lowered the temperature that it serves the beverage. Despite the warnings this case provided both proprietors as well as customers purchasing coffee, individuals are still burned by hot beverages.

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