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Long term treatment may be needed following TBI

Recently there has been a lot in the news regarding brain injuries incurred while playing sports. Professional football and hockey players have even taken legal action against the leagues regarding the matter. The reality however is that people of all ages suffer these injuries all too often. In fact, the following three demographics are most apt to suffer a traumatic brain injury:

Electronic Control Modules to be used in trucks to control speed

While the use of trucks to transport goods from one location to another undeniably makes life easier for most residents of the St. Louis, Missouri area, their use is not without some risk. Motor vehicles involving trucks often result in catastrophic injuries to individuals occupying smaller automobiles. It is possible that the occupants of a truck could be seriously hurt as well. According to the Department of Transportation, approximately 500,000 truck accidents occur each year. While there are multiple reasons why something like this could occur, the speed of a truck is often to blame. Because of this efforts are regularly made on multiple fronts to make truck driving on roads throughout the nation. 

Way in which hospital handled deadly fungus scrutinized

Most parents cannot imagine the loss of a child. While difficult to contemplate under any circumstance this is particularly true when the child dies while in the care of health care providers at a hospital--people who in many cases are supposed to be making them better.

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