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Crash inside Missouri dentist's office injures 2

A relatively unusual accident that took place on March 20 in an unincorporated part of south St. Louis County involved a vehicle crashing into a building and hitting two people in a dentist's office waiting room. The Mehlville Fire Protection District reported that the crash took place in the 11600 block of Baptist Church Road when a patient of the Mark Meyer's dental office smashed into the waiting room.

The psychology of burn injuries

Severe burns are among the most life-changing injuries a person can suffer. Burns are incredible painful, can cause severe disfigurement and often stem from traumatic events that make emotional recovery a long-term process. If your loved one suffered a serious burn, understanding the psychological impact their injury may cause can be helpful and allow you to support them throughout their rehabilitation.

Car accidents and spinal fractures

Missouri residents may not know that a car accident is a common cause of a spinal fracture, and fractures in the middle or lower back are the most common types. These are known respectively as thoracic and lumbar fractures. Men are four times more likely to get these fractures than women, and they are often accompanied by other injuries due to the force that is required to inflict them.

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