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Tips for handling an auto wreck caused by someone else

Car accidents occur every day in Missouri and throughout the country; therefore, it is crucial that motorists know how to react following a crash that was caused by another motorist. Besides collecting vital information from the liable motorist, informed car accident victims can take extra measures to help them recoup damages in the end.

Emergency medical malpractice and Missouri patients

Missouri residents may be interested in a new study claiming that emergency care physicians are much more likely to face medical malpractice lawsuits than their counterparts in other fields. Patients seeking emergency medical care are also more likely to receive improper treatment, according to the research. The Doctors Company, a national medical malpractice insurance company, conducted the 2015 study to determine the risk factors that make misdiagnosis more likely in emergency medicine. The study analyzed 332 separate malpractice claims and found that 57 percent of claims were related to a failure to diagnose in one form or another.

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