Tips for handling an auto wreck caused by someone else

Car accidents occur every day in Missouri and throughout the country; therefore, it is crucial that motorists know how to react following a crash that was caused by another motorist. Besides collecting vital information from the liable motorist, informed car accident victims can take extra measures to help them recoup damages in the end.

Following an auto wreck, it is the responsibility of the liable motorist to report the incident to his or her auto insurer. Because many people are hesitant to do this, it is a good idea for the victim to obtain this information and notify the company, as well. The insurance company will ask for information such as the make, model, color and the year of the insurer’s vehicle, so the victim should obtain this information beforehand. The company will also request a general description of the accident. When answering, accident victims should simply stick to facts.

If a victim is physically able to do so, taking pictures of the scene of the crash right away may be beneficial in proving liability. In fact, many car insurance companies nowadays offer mobile apps that assist drivers in documenting all the necessary information and evidence following a wreck. This way, if a liable driver tries to distort the facts by lying, a victim has proof right in his or her mobile device to override the other party’s false claims.

In instances where a car accident victim has been severely injured because of a negligent driver, a lawyer may be able to assist the victim to pursue damages via a personal injury lawsuit. The official police report and witness accounts may provide valuable information that might be used as evidence in the case. Compensation in such cases may cover the injured party’s medical costs, income losses and property damages. Sometimes, a plaintiff may be awarded pain and suffering depending on the circumstances.



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