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Obeying traffic laws raises autonomous vehicle accident rates

Missouri residents may be surprised to learn that obeying all traffic laws at all times may actually make accidents more likely to happen. This was the conclusion drawn by researchers at the University of Michigan after they studied accident rates involving autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars are lauded by technology advocates as the last word in road safety, but the researchers discovered that they are involved in crashes at approximately twice the rate of vehicles with a human being behind the wheel.

An overview of burn injuries

Although a burn can be a serious event, most result in minor injuries that will heal with time. Common types of minor burns that occur to Missouri residents include contact with a hot iron, contact with hot water or accidentally touching a hot stove. Although it may sound counterintuitive, it is possible to suffer a burn after touching a cold surface. These occur when wet skin is exposed to cold temperatures, wind or generally cold conditions.

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