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Genetic testing and colon cancer interventions

A Missouri patient dealing with stage 2 colon cancer would not typically be treated with chemotherapy after surgical removal of tumors. Traditionally, the risks presented by chemotherapy have been viewed as being too significant in comparison to the benefits that might be achieved. However, genetic studies indicate that up to 10 percent of those dealing with stage 2 colon cancer could potentially benefit from chemo.

Dangers of subdural hematomas

People in Missouri should be aware that in some cases, what seems like a tiny blow to the head can result in a serious brain injury. A subdural hematoma occurs when the brain is jostled and veins tear. This causes a slow bleed, and the resulting pressure leads to symptoms similar to those from a brain tumor. It is believed that older people are more likely to sustain a subdural hematoma because aging brains tend to shrink away from the protective membrane, leaving veins vulnerable to tears.

How to prevent medication errors from occurring

Nowadays, with the wide range of medications on the market, health professionals in Missouri and across the country should do all they can to avoid making a mistake when administering medication to patients. There are some basic procedures that can help keep medication errors from happening.

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