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Study of retired NFL players finds brain damage

Most Missouri football fans know that the NFL has come under fire in recent years as more and more research uncovers a link between playing the game and developing the serious progressive brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy. There are no tests that can be done to detect CTE among the living, and the link only began to emerge when pathologists started to look for the condition during autopsies carried out on deceased former players. While the league is now starting to accept the growing body of scientific evidence, a study of 40 retired NFL players indicates that the problem may be far more widespread than even the direst of previous predictions.

The use of eye tracking to diagnose a concussion

A Missouri football player might want to get back into a game quickly after a minor head injury. However, the protocols for dealing with concussions can interfere with this desire. A new technology for tracking eye movement could provide prompt feedback about concussions in such a situation, allowing players to resume action more quickly if everything appears to be fine.

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