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Brain injury patients at risk for developing PTSD

Missouri residents who have suffered a mild brain injury in the past may be interested to learn that, according to a study, they may be at an increased risk for suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. However, knowing that mild head trauma could lead to PTSD means that getting more timely treatment may be possible.

Costs of sports concussion injuries worry insurance companies

Participants in professional and amateur sports in Missouri often expose themselves to the risk of concussion injuries. Lawsuits against the National Football League have revealed the long-term brain damage that can result from repeated blows to the head during contact sports. A report from S&P Global Ratings identified a rise in insurance claims for sports-related brain injuries, and insurance companies have taken notice. The report explained that insurance companies have begun writing exclusion clauses into their policies that would limit payouts for brain trauma that results from sports. These clauses could specifically apply to policies written for athletic organizations, schools, helmet manufacturers and sports teams.

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