Month: September 2019

Types of damages following a car accident

September 23rd, 2019 saw several people suffer injuries from various traffic collisions around Missouri. A two-car crash occurred on Country Road 190, and while two people had to go to the hospital, they did not sustain critical injuries. No matter how...

Mothers may receive birth injuries too

Giving birth is a beautiful, natural process. Unfortunately, it is also strenuous and fraught with risk. Complications or physician errors during childbirth can result in birth injuries.While we usually think of the newborn when discussing birth injuries, mothers...

Understanding the aspects of birth injuries

Parents trust their physicians through the pregnancy and birth process. It should be a joyous time; however, the negligence of some physicians may jeopardize the life or health of the baby.In the case of birth injuries, parties may seek compensation when medical...



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