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Staying safe on the roads during the holiday season

With Thanksgiving on the horizon and several holidays to follow shortly after, the one thing on your mind may be spending time with close friends and relatives. You are not alone. Each year, thousands of people travel through the St. Louis area and across the country to spend time with their relatives, and not all of them travel by plane; many of them will be on the road. 

3 common causes of motorcycle accidents in Missouri

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to cause serious injuries and fatalities than other accidents. Due to these serious potential risks and consequences, it is crucial for you to understand what causes most motorcycle accidents and how to ride safely. For example, the Missouri State Highway Patrol found that most motorcycle crashes are caused by car or truck drivers, not motorcyclists like you. Here is a closer look at common causes of motorcycle collisions and prevention tips.

Injured in a Car Accident in Missouri? Here Are 4 Important Things to Do After the Crash.

If you have been injured in a car accident, the success of your insurance claim will depend on the steps you take to prove the extent of your injuries and the cause of the crash.

Aggressive driving is a problem

Many Missouri motorists have witnessed instances of road rage when they have been behind the wheel, and some may have even acted in that manner themselves. However, that type of behavior is only one form of what the National Highway Traffic Administration refers to as "aggressive driving", and the problem is quite severe.

Traffic deaths increased in 2015

Missouri motorists might be interested in learning that the number of traffic fatalities around the country increased in 2015 by 7.2 percent over the number of people who were killed in 2014. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this was the largest single-year percentage increase since 1966.

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