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Emergency medical malpractice and Missouri patients

Missouri residents may be interested in a new study claiming that emergency care physicians are much more likely to face medical malpractice lawsuits than their counterparts in other fields. Patients seeking emergency medical care are also more likely to receive improper treatment, according to the research. The Doctors Company, a national medical malpractice insurance company, conducted the 2015 study to determine the risk factors that make misdiagnosis more likely in emergency medicine. The study analyzed 332 separate malpractice claims and found that 57 percent of claims were related to a failure to diagnose in one form or another.

What tests are used to diagnose cancer?

Missouri residents may be interested in learning how medical professionals diagnose cancer. In order to diagnose this potentially fatal disease, a doctor might first check to see if there are any abnormal lumps in a patient's body. Although some lumps could be felt during a physical examination, others might need to be discovered through imaging known as radiology. In either case, the lumps would need to be examined under a microscope before determining whether they are cancerous or benign.

What's the cure for a misdiagnosis?

The Institute of Medicine plans to release a report in the near future in the hopes of bringing more attention to what appears to be a persistent problem in the health care industry. Every year, deadly medical conditions from cancer to myocardial infarctions are missed completely or assumed to be something else, leading to delays in treatment, sometimes until it is too late. Patients in Missouri could experience significant harm or loss of life due to a misdiagnosis.

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