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When to seek a second medical opinion

When you visit the doctor, you probably assume that he or she is giving you accurate information, and most of the time, you are probably right. Even highly trained physicians are not completely immune to human error, however, and misdiagnoses and related medical errors do happen.

Pre-surgery education is important to patient outcomes

Missouri health care providers may find that good education prior to surgery can improve their patients' outcomes. Research by Gallup has indicated that although patients are typically committed to following instructions given for their post-surgery activity and care, other important areas affecting outcomes are not addressed as thoroughly as they should be. Less than half of those patients who responded strongly agreed that they were prepared for the time following their surgeries.

Medical malpractice could take many forms

Individuals throughout the city of Saint Louis rely upon medical professionals to help them when they are injured or ill. In many cases doctors, nurses and others involved in providing medical care do this without the patient suffering any ill effects. Sadly, on other occasions the care is below the standard of what is expected and results in an injury to the patient. In the worst cases, the injuries are so serious that they lead to the patient's death.

Lawsuit brought in connection to left-behind surgical sponge

Sadly, there are many different types of surgical errors that patients here in Missouri and in the rest of the country are sometimes exposed to. One such error is the accidental leaving behind of surgical equipment inside of a patient. This type of surgical negligence can be incredibly impactful on patients. Having a foreign object unintentionally left inside of one's body can lead to a person suffering many harms, including infection, illness and having to undergo additional surgeries.

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