St. Louis Product Liability Attorneys

St. Louis Product Liability Attorneys

Consumer safety is the responsibility of engineers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers or leasers, and any or all may be held accountable if a product harms a consumer and they are at fault. When a product has become defective or is mismanaged through improper labeling or distribution, there may be grounds for a product liability lawsuit. Many industries have experienced the repercussions of product liability lawsuits including the automotive, pharmaceutical, entertainment, food and household goods industries, to name a few.

Examples Of Defective Products In Product Liability Cases

  • Unsafe tires
  • SUVs with defective roofs
  • Dangerous toys
  • Hazardous appliances
  • Vegetables carrying E. Coli bacteria
  • Pharmaceutical drugs causing harmful side effects
  • Defective medical devices or implants
  • Medications contaminated during storage
  • Lack of warning labels for children and pets
  • Lack of product instructions for proper use

Building a product liability case usually necessitates complex investigation and analysis by technical specialists and is a challenging area of personal injury litigation.

Thorough examination of underlying defects and causes assists our effectiveness in proving liability. The Hullverson Law Firm has access to a team of specialized experts and has represented numerous product liability cases. When a large consumer base is affected, a class action suit may become an appropriate means of holding a party responsible for damages.

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